Helping Tennesse Keep Children Safe




What is TNCHIP?  

TNCHIP is an acronym that stands for TeNnessee Child Identification Program. It is designed to give Tennessee families a little more peace of mind and protection against the increasing problem of missing and abducted children. The program uses a kit filled with everything from surveys to photos to fingerprint kits, to provide information to the authorities when needed. Microchips are NOT used in this program.

Tennessee Freemasons are bringing this program to communities throughout the State. The Grand Lodge of Tennessee F&AM, the sole sponsor, is working with local Masonic Lodges to provide consistent and comprehensive TNCHIP events as part of their ongoing commitment to Tennessee's children and families. This program is provided "FREE OF CHARGE"  to every Tennessee family that participates.

How does it work? 

The program consists of five major components:  

·        Photographs  

·        Fingerprints  

·        Child Information and Emergency contacts  

·        DNA Samples  

·        Dental Record Information  

Parents or guardians fill out the Information Collection Sheet with information about their child. All information is voluntary.  TNCHIP and The Grand Lodge of Tennessee F&AM retain NO  information concerning the children; the packet goes home with the parents or guardians.

Who can participate? 

Any child from the age of 0-21. Whether it be from Tennessee or bordering states, or visiting relatives for that matter, TNCHIP will process any child. Our goal is to keep kids safe!  

Where can I find TNCHIP in my area? 

On the navigation bar at the top of each or the link at the bottom of each page, click on "CALENDAR" using the blue arrow keys to move you forward each month. You can click on the post for the details on each event.  

How can I help support TNCHIP? 

TNCHIP operates under the direct sponsorship of The Grand Lodge of Tennessee F&AM. It is supported in a number of ways--Masonic member donations, Masonic Lodge donations, corporate partnerships, and individual donations--as well as many other private organization donations, Masonic and not Masonic related. Please click on the "HOW TO DONATE" tab under the DONORS tab on the navigation bar at the top of each page to find out how you or your company can help financially or  become a volunteer and work events with us.


  • TNCHIP = TeNessee CHild Identification Program . We do not use Microchips or any other invasive "chips."
  • NO INFORMATION IS RETAINED. PERIOD! After each TNCHIP event, kits that were filled out for your child are taken home with you to update periodically and keep close at hand.