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  As we put on TNCHIP events we have learned a little bit about what we think works best and we have compiled all that info here. This includes suggestions and things to consider when putting on your own event.




    When you've collected the all of the child's information, give the entire kit to the parent or guardian. Do not record names or keep a log or any information about children you ID. Various laws prohibit keeping this information. Please do a head count so we can have an idea of how many children we ID, but please do not keep any information about the children that you ID.



Please email information about your event to Brother Jordan Howell, our website webmaster. The website is and it has a calendar of upcoming events. Our Tennessee events will be posted on the national CHIP (and other) websites. He has a form online, but you can email the following information:

Event Title:

Lodge Affiliation:


Start Time:

End Time:


Description of Event:

    Brother Howell’s email is . You can also add a contact person for each event – this would be more helpful in getting more volunteers to help work the event.

    Brother David Hess from Brazelton Lodge #190 has a local printer that can make up banners to use at events – please contact him at  or 865-484-0206



    It’s best to have 3 stations set up

1.   Registration – parents and children are greeted and fill out ID card.

2.   Fingerprinting

3.   DNA collection and parent checkout



    Each kit has basic information, which needs to be filled out to make sure the correct kit is matched with the correct child’s fingerprints (especially if a family brings more than one child).

    The card has a space for height and weight. Having a scale and height chart is helpful.

    Each kit has a balloon to give to the child. Consider substituting with a balloon that has a masonic emblem or Lodge name on it. Also consider using a helium tank and strings.



    Kits include folded ink strips. Hold strips upright and blow across the white edge to separate halves.

    For longer events ink pads are available.

   Baby wipes work best at cleaning the ink off, it leaves very little residue.

    Fold the card along the heavy lines separating each hand. Place the card on the edge of the table doing the right hand first. Consider using clamps to hold the card still.

    Do not roll finger, just use a flat imprint. We have found rolling to smudge.

    Be sure correct thumb/finger is printed in the correct block on the card.

    Do not print in the margin it, if the first print is not a good one print next to the first one in the same block.

    Gloves are helpful for the person doing the printing as the ink leaves minimal residue but makes the fingers slippery.



    There are two swabs in the kit for DNA sampling. Swab the inside of each cheek, rolling the swab to make sure it gets wet. Hold the swab to air dry before putting it into the little bag.



    Show the instruction sheet, it has child safety information for preserving DNA. The sheet recommends that the sample be kept in the freezer separate from the kit. Consider using a highlighter to emphasize DNA preservation instructions.

    2 small kits are included in the kit, one for nail clippings and the other for hair. Best to use hair samples from a brush or comb that include the root, as it contains good DNA.

    If you don’t take a photo at the event, then tell the parent to put a current photo in the kit. Annual school photo is a good photo to use. Keep a digital photo with a date on the back as a forensic artist can use a digital photo to project what the child would look like as they age.

    Ask parent to take the card to the next dental visit, so h/she can complete the dental portion on the card.

    Suggest that the parent set aside a sock or t-shirt in a paper bag that the child has played in CHANGE ITEM EVERY 6 MONTHS. Best to use a new item to avoid cross contamination. This should not be stored in the freezer as it can pick up the scent of foods, it should also not be put in a plastic bag as it can grow bacteria. These reasons can throw off a scent dog.

    If a local brother is a police officer, have him at the check-out to answer questions and provide info about the Police Department or sheriff’s office.


If you’re Lodge needs TNCHIP Child ID Kits please continue to out CONTACT US page and contact someone in your area.




These instructions are also available for download in .PDF form by clicking the  below.



If you need Adobe Reader to read .PDF files you can find that here: Adobe Reader