Helping Tennesse Keep Children Safe





If you have a question that is not in this section, please contact us. 


Q. How do I locate a TNCHIP event in my area?

A. Go to the "CALENDAR" section of the TNCHIP Web site. A list of events will appear for the current month. If you do not see an event in your area, use the blue arrows to direct your search to future months. When you locate an event in your area, click on the "city" to get the event details.


Q. How much does it cost to have my child identified?

A. Nothing! TNCHIP is a FREE service provided by The Grand Lodge of Tennessee F&AM and Freemasons across this great state.


Q. How long does it take to have my child identified?

A. Generally the process takes 15 minutes.


Q. Are "microchips" implanted into my child?

A. Absolutely NOT! TNCHIP is short for TeNnessee CHild Identification Program. TNCHIP does not use microchips or any other invasive procedures. Please refer to the "ABOUT US" section of our Web site to learn how TNCHIP works.


Q. How are DNA samples collected?

A. A cotton swab is used to retrieve a saliva sample from the inside of the child's cheek.


Q. What information should I bring?

A. It is recommended to have on hand the child(ren)'s:

  • Parents phone numbers 
  • Medical information-doctor, dentist location and phone, medical conditions, medications 
  • Emergency contact information-name and phone of friend or relative 
  • Social Security Number-optional 
  • Known clubs and associations (i.e. DeMolay, Girl/Boy Scouts, YMCA) 


Q. Can I get the forms ahead of time to fill out before the event?

A. Yes. On the "FORMS" section of the Web page there is a downloadable Child Information Sheet.


Q. If I’m uncomfortable with strangers having knowledge of my child’s personal information, can we still obtain a kit to complete on our own?  

A. Yes, TNCHIP events are designed to supply every parent with an identification kit for their child. There will be volunteers present to assist in completing the identification process, however if you so choose you may still obtain a kit and complete the identification process in the privacy of your own home with complete accuracy by aid of the detailed instructions contained in the kit. 


Q. How safe is my personal information?

A. 100% Safe! When filled out, your packet goes home with you, and we don't retain anything.


Q. Can I leave my child at the TNCHIP event and come back to pick him/her up later?

A. No. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and remain with the child(ren) throughout the TNCHIP process.


Q. Can I get the TNCHIP kit and do it at home?

A. Yes, TNCHIP can be a do-it-yourself Child ID kit.


Q. Can I have duplicate TNCHIP packets made for my former spouse?

A. Providing there are plenty of packets to go around, yes. Check with a brother mason that is hosting the TNCHIP event to make sure, as they are while supplies last.


Q. Should I place my child's TNCHIP packet in my safety deposit box?

A. No. You want this information available to you immediately if your child goes missing. We also suggest you take your child(ren)'s TNCHIP packet with you when you travel.


Q. Can I hold a TNCHIP event at my church or school?

A. To co-host a TNCHIP event, you must contact a Tennessee Masonic Lodge in your area. The Lodge must agree to host the event with you and complete the request form from our Web site (which can be found on the FORMS page). Only the Lodge may submit the request! Please note that due to the popularity of our program, it is suggested to plan at least six months in advance and have multiple dates available to work with. If you have any questions, please contact the TNCHIP Coordinator from your area, they can be found on the CONTACT US page.


Q. Can I volunteer at TNCHIP events?

A. Absolutely. Please go to our "CONTACT US" page and let us know.


Q. Can I make a donation to TNCHIP?

A. Yes! Contributions can be made to TNCHIP, continue to the HOW TO DONATE page for more information